Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cramming weeks of neglect into a few paragraphs...

Seems to be what I'm doing, so first up, a bit of housekeeping type news. I'm heading into another of my insanely overscheduled periods, as the release of the book approaches while I'm still editing and making changes, the screenplay is back on, I'm possibly taking on not one but two review writing projects, and am desperately hoping to pull off interviewing this guy at some point this week: . So, what I'm saying is, it's not unlikely that I'll fail to take your calls, and show up at events looking like a fucked out, drugged up zombie due to lack of sleep and a growing sense that I'll never have anything to show for the work I've been putting into this "writing" nonsense. Oh, yes. Additionally, I had a fit of whimsy combined with nostalgia this weekend and decided it really wouldn't be a terrible time to reacquaint myself with that whole making art thing. I think I hate myself somewhere deep down. It's the only way to explain the sleep deprivation I'm subjecting myself to lately.

Other recent events include lovely trips to Portland, getting my brain candy fix via the Sex and the City Movie (please note, future filmmakers of America - there is never any way for it to be okay to subject me to graphic displays of pubic hair, so DON'T DO IT), making plans to start performing again (which terrifies me, so if you see me at any readings around town, please feel free to mock and heckle me. It helps me feel right at home, I swear), and working, a lot. Work really does consume pretty large portions of my time and brain right now, but that's alright. I love my job, and that goes a long way toward making long days seem less wrenching.

In injury news, I haven't hurt myself in over a week. I'm due.

Also, I'd like (since there's this little black corner of my heart) to mention that last week was some bizarre schadenfreude edition of down home week for me, and gee was it ever satisfying. An old co-worker who tormented me and essentially was the reason I had to leave my last job applied for a position with my company and was soundly rejected, and, my old boss, the one who was horrid to work for and eventually lost his job for stealing from a children's charity? The guy that I tried, time and again, to point out to superiors was doing bad, bad things? I ran into him outside the courthouse, looking rather the worse for wear. It was a lovely, lovely sight. I may sound like a jerk, but it warms my heart right down to the cockles to see bad things happen to bad people.

Alright. Back soon with more coherent babble for you.

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Zack said...

I say leave pubic hair on television where it belongs and keep it away from the big screen.